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In The Four Temperaments, Cate Blanchett performs four sets of distinct character types divided according to a personality classification first defined by the Greek philosopher, Galen. He named the four ‘Temperaments’: Sanguine (yellow), Choleric (red), Melancholic (blue), and Phlegmatic (green). In the work, the characters performed by Blanchett each appear within a single floating crystal ball. The character fixes her gaze and addresses the viewer with the worlds “I love you”. Confronting familiar emotions that shift between intimacy and distance, gentleness and brutality; the viewer inadvertently becomes the subject in a cross-fire of emotions.

sdfExhibitions & screenings

2022 Leeum Museum of Art
Seoul, South Korea

2021 PHI Center
Montreal, Canada

2020 Michael Fuchs Galerie
Berlin Germany

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