Pélleas et Mélisande



This production of Debussy’s only opera presents a new concept of abstract staging where the entire scene is formed by a concave mirror creating the impression of being inside a silver eye ball. In the center of the mirrored ‘retina’ is a suspended ‘iris’ projection surface 7-meters in diameter. The screen acts as a portal into the subconscious of the characters and the actions unfolding onstage, this narrative is told using a reinvention of the cosmos. Celestial imagery is manipulated into a surrealist composition which takes the viewer on a metaphysical journey into the subconscious; a psychological ‘portal’ of loneliness, violence, drama, resolution and death.

Commission for Opera Vlaanderen.


2020 Grand Theatre de Geneve
Geneva, Switzerland

2018 La Fenice
Venice, Italy

2018 Opera Vlaanderen
Antwerp, Belgium

2018 Grand Theatre de Luxembourg
Luxembourg City

2018 Opera de Strasbourg
Strasbourg, France

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