Civilization (Megaplex)



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Hundreds of characters and scenes sampled from Hollywood cinema populate a vertical scroll depicting an endlessly ascending journey from hell to heaven. This religious-themed tableau contains three distinct visual environments offering a pop-culture reinvention of the volcanic landscape of Hades and the lofty clouds of Heaven.

3D HD video, color, sound, 3:00s, loop.

sdfExhibitions & screenings

2022 Palais des Beaux-Arts de Lille
Lille, France

2015 Moving Image Itineraries: From LOOP to SCREEN
Stockholm, Sweden

2012 Nuit Blanche
Toronto City Hall Rotunda
Toronto, Canada

2008 The Standard Hotel (permanent installation)
New York, New York

2008 Living the Dream
Christopher Grimes Gallery
Santa Monica, California

Selected press

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Double team: Jenny Holzer and Marco Brambilla open shows across Ibiza

Fast Company
The Standard Hotel’s Stunning Video Collage of Heaven and Hell